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How to load a container

Loading a container is a complex operation during which care must be taken to ensure that the cargo is not damaged.

Below we list some rules to be respected to ensure the safe transport of your goods:

The container must be inspected internally and externally before loading to verify the absence of injuries

Only the maximum permissible weight must be loaded into the container. Do not in any case exceed the weight of the goods (indicated on the container itself and in some cases subject to more restrictive rules of the importing country);

The load must be equally distributed and sufficiently fixed inside the container.

The equipment used to load the container must be adequate in order not to damage the container.

Do not use heavy forklifts to containerize the goods, they could damage the floor;

During navigation and stopover in ports, considerable condensation water may be produced in the container. Make sure your goods are sufficiently packed to avoid damage due to humidity and saltiness;

When the loading is complete you must seal the container yourself. Do not ask the driver to seal the container for you - it is your sole responsibility to do so!

The loading must take place within the time allowed for this type of operation (usually 4 hours if a mandatory timetable is not required). If it is not possible to finish the load within this time, notify Trasporti f.lli Rondi in time;

Some types of goods (frozen, liquid, dangerous etc ...) may require specific rules that must be followed to protect the cargo. Do not hesitate to ask Transport f.lli Rondi for advice when booking.

For any advice or request for information and / or quotes, contact us to request our assistance.



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